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Top 10 tips for your new nursery

Top 10 Tips to Consider When Creating Your Own Nursery

When a baby is on the way, designing and creating your newborn’s nursery can be a challenging project – but the reward is priceless. At My Handyman, we have found that following these simple tips will help turn grand ideas into practical reality.

1. Room location and General Layout

London can be a loud city, so it is always good use a quiet room closely located to your bedroom. It is also important to think about the layout of the room – how big is it? If the room is naturally cold it is probably worth installing a new radiator to provide adequate heating. Lighting is an important factor, and it’s worth having good blinds to get the most out of natural light. If you have the space, it could be worth considering installing a new sink or basin – this will provide easy access to water if necessary. We recommend producing mood-boards, sketches and objectives to visualize how you want the nursery to look.  You can use websites such as Pinterest to help with this.

2. Using the Existing Home Décor as Inspiration

As with any project, it is important to include a personal touch. It may be worth observing your current interior design to see how the nursery will fit in with the rest of the home. This observation may reveal the need for work/design in other rooms, perhaps to make the home look more family orientated or child-proof. Using your existing bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and furniture designs can prove highly useful when it comes to new ideas.

something for the twins

3. If In Doubt, Seek Expert Help!

There is an abundance of choice when it comes to the accessories and furniture for a nursery – and this can be overwhelming! Perhaps you need a design consultation, or even want to produce custom made furniture. My Handyman tradesmen are experienced, technical and creative – we can ensure all areas are covered.

shelving in babys room

4. Baby-Friendly Colours

Neutral blues and nurturing greens are known to work well with babies – consider colours that are calming and tranquil. With a variety of paint types available you will be sure to find the perfect tone. Finish is also a factor, as reflective light can be irritating. A dull or matte finish will provide a relaxing feel.


green nursery

5. Consider the Long Term

Of course your child will grow out of the baby phase – so think about the size of furniture, will it last until adolescence? It is useful to have adaptable décor. For example you may wish to have cartoon characters on the walls – all of which can be fitted with easy-to-remove stickers or labels. If the size of the room suits, this could be your child’s bedroom right up until they have a home of their own!

stickers for nursery

6. Safety Comes First

It is great to put wonderful fixtures in a new nursery, but safety comes first. Cots, furniture and even baby gates all should be to the legal standard of safety. You can think about things like the positioning of the cot, lights, heaters and other decorations. It is almost like creating a safe-zone for your baby and getting the most of your nursery room and space.


7. Prioritise the Major Fixtures

Work around the main pieces of furniture before things like painting and selecting colours. Most people choose colour theme first, but did you know it is actually easier and more cost effective to match fabrics, wallpaper and paints to the main furniture pieces?

furniture in nursery

8. Looks vs Practicality

One of the main challenges of creating a nursery is ensuring the main functions (heating/water access etc) are easy to use. We have found practicality should come first – especially because you will most likely change the paint colour, furniture and other fixtures over the next few years. Think about your needs as well as your baby’s.

sofabed in nursery

9. Be Innovative!

There are many types of furniture and accessories that are not specifically designed for babies, although they can be used. Think about interesting imagery and themes that will develop you babies interests – for example, you may want to a new electricity socket to position a music system in a particular location.

10. Adapt
As your baby develops their personality minor changes are inevitable. Be sure to allow for this with the idea of gradually changing the room as your baby gets older. You may want to put a wooden desk or other piece of furniture once your baby is a few years old to help develop their interests. Whatever the choice, make sure it is something that makes you and your baby feel comfortable and happy.

We hope these tips will help you plan and design your baby’s new nursery. Whether you want to make small changes to an existing room, or start a big project – My Handyman will be happy to assist with your needs. Call us today on 02030785925 or email us at to find out about our new baby package.